Discounted Cleaning Bundle

Discounted Cleaning Bundle
Discounted Cleaning Bundle
Discounted Cleaning Bundle
Discounted Cleaning Bundle

Discounted Cleaning Bundle

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Discounted Cleaning Bundle 🔥 🔥 🔥
Grab a Carpet Freshener, Toilet Fizz & Surface Cleanser for just £10 😱
A little about the products 👇
Carpet Freshener
The Kimberley Home Scented Carpet Freshener will leave your carpets and rugs smelling divine.
Our unique formula uses odour neutralising technologies to eliminate deep carpet odours, leaving your house smelling gorgeous.
How To Use: 
Simply Sprinkle the contents evenly onto the carpet and vacuum thoroughly. 

Surface Cleanser

The Kimberley Home Surface Cleanser will leave your house looking spotless. Our luxury scented cleanser will cut through dirt and grime whilst eliminating odours. This cleanser contains a broad spectrum disinfectant which is approved to European standards.

How To Use: 
Generously spray surfaces with cleanser and wipe over with a damp microfibre cloth. 
Toilet Fizz
The Kimberley Home Toilet Fizz will leave your toilet smelling divine. The Toilet Fizz will fizz away, cleaning your toilet naturally and effectively without the need for harsh chemicals. Your toilet will be left deodorised, and your bathroom will smell amazing. 
How To Use : 
Simply sprinkle into your toilet and let the fizzing magic happen!

What Matters To Us
- Never Tested On Animals 🐰
Crafted By Hand In Our Manchester Factory 
- Over 80,000+ Happy Customers 💕
- Over 2,000+ Customer Reviews ⭐️

At Kimberley Cosmetics, we’re passionate about creating the very best products for your hair, skin and body, all by hand in the UK. We pride ourselves on creating unique experences, offering affordability and luxury to all of our loyal customers.

- Never Tested On Animals 🐰

- Vegan Friendly 🌿

- Crafted By Hand In Our Manchester Factory 💕

- Over 80,00 Happy Customers ⭐️

Did you know?
We are one of the handful of independent UK cosmetic manufacturers, which means that we are solely responsible for the formulations & ingredients used within your products.
Stay Indie 💖

As soon as your order is confirmed, we will get straight on with making it within our Manchester based factory, we aim to get all orders shipped as quickly as possible, and the majority will leave us within 3-5 working days. This may extend up to 7 working days in busy times 💖

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